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6 Aspects of Excellence

Empowerment and Agency

Considers the degree to which students and staff are empowered to influence their educational and professional paths.

How empowered do individuals within your school feel to initiate change and take ownership of their learning and working environment?

Empowerment and agency are pivotal in cultivating a school culture that is both contemporary and responsive, inspiring and enabling students and staff to achieve their highest potential.

When actively encouraged to take agency over their own learning and development, students and staff not only enrich their immediate environment but also build the resilience and capacity to thrive in the future.

In this category, the focus is on how a school cultivates an environment where students and staff feel confident and enabled to initiate change and take control over their learning and working conditions.

It evaluates the extent to which the school culture supports autonomy and innovation, preparing all individuals to face future challenges successfully and adapt to changing circumstances with resilience.

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